Malaz City

Rough Draft

This is just to get thoughts down in writings. I’m hoping this will peak your curiosity about the place. Things will change and more will get added as we explore.


Malaz City is a medium to large city stretching across the southern tip of the continent.


The major city functions are overseen by a Duke and the aristocracy. The aristocracy is made up of several Baron land and business owners that aid the day to day functioning of the city. The less wealthy districts are run by guilds and the guild leaders, these places are mostly ignored by the aristocracy as long as the taxes keep flowing.


Malaz City lies at the southern edge of the continent. The city borders the Tarthen River and also the Tarthen Bay. This makes the city an excellent trade point for both river traffic and travel by sea. The city itself is broken up into several distinct districts. Well-made roads connect these districts and allow easy travel between them when not otherwise blocked. Along with the roads, the inner city constructions themselves are beyond the comprehension of today’s engineers. These buildings have lasted countless centuries and those still standing seem to be in rather good shape.


  • Fortress of the Sacred Flame – This is where the government meets and conducts business. It is located on an elevated island along the bay. The fortress is surrounded by walls and is only accessible from a single road through the city. The Duke also makes his home here.
  • The Noble District – This area has several parks and manor houses. Only the well-to-do are even permitted to get near.
  • The Inner City – Within the Lightning Rails is the Inner City. This is where most trade takes place. The center of the city is a grand market. There are always plenty of taverns and inns to find through here. Tradesmen and workshops also dot the area
  • The Harbor District – The harbors is where you will find most of the working class folk. The area is mostly filled with Warehouses and some of the seedier inns & taverns.
  • The Ruins – Near the mountains most of the old city has been completely destroyed. This area is avoided due to lots of superstition and ghost stories. Most of the entrances into these ruins have been barricaded with detritus throughout the years.


  • The Lightning Rail – The rail system is one of the city wonders. Elevated about 20 feet above the city, a horseless carriage circles the city continuously. So called due to the crackling lightning the sparks from the front as it travels. It makes several stops along the way at each turning point in the rail. Nobody knows how or why it continues to work. Most people avoid using it since it travels only in one direction and ends up going through the destroyed city section and under the mountains. Guards are posted at the Last Stop to remove people from the train and at the First Stop to remove other things that may have boarded while the train passed through the mountain.
  • The Sky Tower – In the center of the markets is a large tower. Several platforms protrude near the top of the tower. Most people don’t enter the tower itself since it isn’t used for much. It’s more of a landmark that marks the center of the city proper.

Malaz City

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